Friday, 17 November 2017

A snowman

A couple of hours, some determination, a pair of rather tired eyes and the roly poly snowman is completed. 
The kit came with a circular bottle green plastic frame so tomorrow I will lace him up and slot him in ready to add to the Christmas package travelling to Kazumi.   She placed an order for him but the other contents of the parcel will be a surprise:-)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The 2017 Christmas ornaments are done!   I was in such a hurry that one is already wrapped and ready for the post.   But here are the others.
And now I have started another.   My good friend Kazumi fell in love with this snowman kit which had Aida fabric and thread of unknown provenance.   I swapped out the fabric for a 36 count linen even weave and am now stitching.  Believe me each cross is a labour of love!
It has been a really busy two weeks back at work and I am once again in sleep deprivation mode.   However tomorrow I have the afternoon off for an appointment which should also be a good opportunity to sew the cover for my piano.   Recently we moved furniture around so that the DBEM doesn't face into direct sunlight which makes her vision even worse.  And the piano is therefore living against a different wall.   To keep the dark wood from changing colour in the bright sunlight I will be like my late Grandmother, suitably Victorian, and cover even the legs on my piano;-)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

After an absence

No blogging for a week!  I've been helping the DBEM with her knitted sweaters.   She knits, I sew.  Believe me, stitching up knitted garments is not my favourite occupation but it is a job that needs to be done and currently I have no stitching project gripping my attention.  So voila!  All sixteen of them.

And with only 44 sleeps until Christmas I need to make a start on finishing this year's batch of stitched ornaments.   The current state is this...
So tonight is to be spent lacing ornaments to card and tomorrow will be cord, ribbon and titivating.  Two are complete, which leaves five to finish.   

Saturday, 4 November 2017

An answer to a question

"Heritage Hall" asked where the Snoopy Christmas ornament came from but is no-reply so I will answer here.

Well, I googled images of Snoopy and that came up on this link  so I chose my colours and away I went.   It has turned out as expected but I didn't really like the large blocks of colour and if doing it again would use a finer linen. 

Hope this helps.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Back to my favourite

After a marathon of Christmas ornaments (finishes to follow later) I'm back to my favourite - hardanger.
However this is to be a tote bag so the fabric is a coarse 30 count linen and the threads are Perle #3 and Perle #5.
At the moment this is side one but hopefully it will look good when done. The jury is out on what colour lining I should use.  The blue of the blanket it is lying on for the photo isn't satisfactory.  Any suggestions?

Thursday, 19 October 2017

And the lights go on again

The "not so little" Snoopy ornament is finished and the lights have gone on.  I had imagined they might look a great deal brighter, however the desired effect is there even if at a dimmer wattage.
I have decided to make this into a circular finish but in the meantime it has joined the pile of "yet to be constructed 2017 Christmas Ornaments".   All is well - there is still six weeks till they will be needed.

Friday, 13 October 2017

And another one

This year's ornaments seem never ending but five down two to go and this one is almost finished.
I'm not fond of stitching blocks of colour but that is what this needs.   Onto the green wreath will go the tiny fairy lights (individually spaced) and voila - a cute ornament, I hope.
Then I am having a break and starting a piece of hardanger for a tote bag.   In the interests of durability I'll be working in heavy linen and thick DMC perle which is not my preferred fabric and thread.   Some degree of persistence will be necessary but I really want to make this bag so will make the effort.
So another long week over and only another 24 month and 13 days until retirement:-)
Off now to some overdue emails.